The AIFF Best of Show

Two weeks, 25 countries, over 100 movies ~ the Arizona International Film Festival comes to an end. Mia Schnaible rolls through The Best of the Fest with Fred and Jeff.

Michael Guymon from Sun Corridor, Inc. also talks about their organization for a few minutes.

Also, check out this picture of our awesome board operator, Rhea Jolley!!! Cool blue hair, girl!!!

Rhea Jolley

Rhea Jolley


The Beautiful Tucson Show

Friend of the show and new 104.1 broadcaster, Matt Russell from On the Menu…Live! joins the big show to talk about his show and school the boys on how a real radio guy works.

The Arizona International Film Festival is still in full swing and Hilary Linder, director of the film Indivisible, talks about her work and getting to share her experiences in the community.

We finish the show of with a visit from Ted Ramirez, Tucson’s Official Troubadour! He talks about the history of his story telling and sings a song or two!

Hilary, Matt, Jeff & Ted

Hilary, Matt, Jeff & Ted


The Discord Show

Jeff “MIA” Ronstadt is once again MIA.

Fred grabs the Arizona Theatre Company‘s House Manager, Bill Bethel, and talks with one of the artists performing in the ATC’s latest offering:  The Gospel According to Thomas Jefferson, Charles Dickens and Count Leo Tolstoy: Discord (say that three times fast), Larry Cedar. All sorts of interesting conversation goes on, and maybe something about the play!

The show ends off with a Kindness BANG as Fred talks with Jeannette Maré about Ben’s Bells!


The 2016 AZIFF Show

It’s that time of year, the Arizona International Film Festival is back in the full swing of things. Mia Schnaible from the Festival talks about the line up and introduces us to Bart Santello who will be showing his micro film, Road Storm and Anna Augustowska who is bringing Our Desert Farms.

Jeff, Mia & Fred

Jeff, Mia & Fred


The Immaculate Show

Immaculate Heart School

While Fred works hard at the 4th Avenue Street Fair, Jeff goofs off in studio with Jim Hackett, Dean of Students at Immaculate Heart High School, Joe Dhuey, Event Chairman for the big Centurion Party, Tony Zinman, Local Arts Enthusiast and Kristi Lopez, the 2016 Circle K Teacher of the Year. Jim also talks about the upcoming John M. Roll Memorial Golf Tournament.

All those people just to fill Fred’s shoes…


The Las Doñas de Los Descendientes del Presidio de Tucson Show

Bettina Lyons, the newest Doña and author of “Zeckendorfs and Steinfelds: Merchant Princes of the American Southwest” drops by to talk about this venerable group of the Old Pueblo’s Iron Ladies ~ leaders in the community whom have worked tirelessly to make Tucson a better place to live, work and play!


The Humanities Show

Fred and Jeff talk with Helen Gomez Bernard, Director of External & Alumni Relations at the University of Arizona College of Humanities.

Helen chats about the College then introduces the boys to Dr. Albert Welter, Department Head of East Asian Studies. Dr Welter will be participating in an upcoming lecture series on Buddhism and other fun zen stuff.


The TFoB 2016 Show

What time is it kids???

The Tucson Festival of Books is coming!!!

Helene Woodhams and Jennifer Lee Carrell come in to talk about the 8th Annual TFoB, supporting literacy programs in the Old Pueblo! Authors Chris Gall, Margaret Regan and Jillian Cantor preview the Festival and tell us all about their work.



The Chamber Show

Mike Varney

Mike Varney

Lori Banzhaf

Lori Banzhaf

Fred and Jeff hang out at the Tucson Metro Chamber, waiting for someone to pay attention to them!

Fortunately, they were able to hang out with Mike Varney, the President & CEO as well as Lori Banzhaf, Executive Vice President, and find out what the Metro Chamber is doing to help everyone in the Old Pueblo!


The Bonanza is Real Show

Jim Turner

Jim Turner

Friend of the show and super-awesome historian, Jim Turner, returns to the grand ol’ program to tell tales of the old west.

Fred and Jeff learn the story lines on the television series Bonanza where all true!!!!

Check out Jim and all the stuff he’s up to at his website.

From Jim Turner after the show: I think we were talking about what happened at the mountain man rendezvous and I said I had a good quote:

“The rendezvous was a fantasy, a saturnalia. Everything swam in a cedarred haze of raw corn liquor and thousands of campfires and the Indians dancing around them all night, the incessant racing of the horses against spotted Indian ponies, the gambling games carried out wherever a blanket could be thrown.” —Frank Waters, The Colorado, 1946