The Baby Is Here!!!


The Los Changuitos Feos Show ~ Part 2

Los Changuitos Feos de Tucson 2004


The Los Changuitos Feos Show ~ Part 1

Los Changotos Feos de Tucson  - 1966


The More and More Fun Downtown Show

Lindset, Karl & Caitlin

Lindset, Karl & Caitlin

Our favorite time of the month ~ Fred and Jeff hang out in our brilliant Downtown for fun and adventure!  Caitlin Jensen from the Downtown Tucson Partnership meets the boys at the Historic Hotel Congress.  Along with Caitlin, David Slutes from Hotel Congress, Lindsey from Flash in the Past and Karl Goranowski from Playground talk about all the fun and adventure waiting for everyone in the Heart of the Old Pueblo!


The Honor Flight Show

Jeff, who is still MIA and has a bounty on his head, leaves Fred all alone to welcome Kathy Mansur from Honor Flight Southern Arizona to the BIG SHOW!  Kathy is the Veteran Coordinator and she’ll have a couple of local Veterans with her to talk about their experiences as defenders of our great nation and their trip to the WWII Memorial in Washington D.C.

In addition, Annalisa Moreno will be on hand to talk about the GI Jubilee, which is a fundraiser for all the great work of Honor Flight Southern Arizona!

Plus…Fred will introduce David Francis from Tucson Happenings ~ the new Community Calendar of The Fred and Jeff Show.


A Bounty on Jeff

My Dear Brother Jeff (DBJ) has been missing and presumed at a bar for the last few weeks.

I have put out a bounty on my DBJ ~ so the first three people to post a recent* picture of Jeff and what he’s up to on our Facebook page will receive:

Good luck!!!


*Recent means taken in the last seven (7) days!  =)


The Huge Baby Show


The We are Lame Show

This week, as Fred is recovering from a significant motor vehicle accident, we bring you a “Best Of” show…UGH!!!

We’re sorry and hope it never happens again!


The Streetcar is Coming, The Streetcar is Coming Show

Jeff & Alok

Jeff & Alok

Fred and Jeff spend the day at Maker House, an artisan maker space in Tucson’s fabulous Downtown!  Guess who they bump into…why it’s Caitlin Jensen from the Downtown Tucson Partnership!!!  John Jacobs from Maker House and Alok Appadurai from Fed by Threads talk about the cool stuff they’re up to and we also talk about the grand opening of Tucson’s own Modern Streetcar!!!


The 2014 Comicon Show

Esham & Breckenridge

Esham & Breckenridge

Fred and Jeff take a little road trip up north and chat with some Tucson folks participating in the 2014 Phoenix Comicon, one of our country’s largest comic book conventions.

Jacob Breckenridge and Mike Esham from Orbital Decay are on hand to talk about their work and all the things they’re up to at the Con.  We’ll get to hear all about the life of two aspiring comic book geniuses!

88 Cent

88 Cent

Then, Gee, Noa and Becky, a.k.a 88cent, Ren and Sly Blue, talk about the wonderful world of Cosplay.

Plus, Fred indulges his sick and twisted side and talks with Rob DenBleyker from Cyanide & Happiness ~ some of the best sick and twisted fun there is!

Rob DenBleyker

Rob DenBleyker