Out and About – Farmer’s Market


Jeff with his farmer’s market honey!



The 2013 Beat Cancer Boot Camp Photos


Bloom Night 2012 Wrap-Up ~ Night Blooming Cereus ~ Queen of the Night

2011′s winter rains left the night-blooming cereus plants in the best condition we had seen for many years.  Our 21st annual bloom night was a tremendous success.  The Flowers began to open around sunset and became very fragrant by about 10 p.m.  The final bloom count on Bloom Night was 89 flowers on 42 plants.  By late June, the year’s bloom tally for 2012 was 146 flowers on 58 plants.

Check out some of Fred’s pictures from Bloom Night 2012!!!


Cadbury Cream Deviled Eggs

Click here for a wonderful treat!!!





Joel Valdez’s Tucson – October 1978

Former City Manager Joel Valdez touring Tucson, circa 1978.  You may also choose to play it on your own media player or download it.  It is a big (183+mb) file though so streaming and playing it here on our site might be easiest.